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Breast MRI



The AURORA® Dedicated Breast MRI System at OBMRI (Overlake Breast MRI) captures the highest quality images that reveal even the smallest abnormalities. The life-saving benefits are earlier diagnoses and treatment decisions for you and your doctor.

The AURORA 1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI System is currently the only commercially available, FDA-approved, imaging system designed specifically to image breasts utilizing MRI technology. Unlike conventional whole body MRI systems, the AURORA System's 1.5T magnet, patient table, RF and gradient coils are designed and optimized specifically for breast imaging. The result is faster, more clinically useful images while providing greater patient comfort.

Unprecedented imaging quality and biopsy capabilities.

  • Uncompromised image contrast and resolution captures the
    finest details of even the smallest abnormalities
  • Provides clearer, sharper, more useful images – faster
  • Performs a single, bilateral scan with full coverage of both
    breasts, chest wall and axillae
  • Provides optimal visualization of enhancing lesions
  • Interventional functionality makes MRI guided biopsies quick
    and accurate
  • Accommodates multiple targets in the same breast in a single procedure

Designed specifically for a woman's comfort.

  • Massage-type table, specifically contoured for
    breast anatomy
  • Both breasts are suspended away from chest wall,
    without compression
  • Wide 64cm gantry accommodates large patients
  • Feet first entry minimizes claustrophobia

Providing excellent service to our patients and referring physicians.

  • Experienced, supportive staff
  • Same day scheduling
  • 24 hour turn-around
  • Timely consultation
  • On-site radiologists specializing in breast imaging

The first
MRI system
designed specifically
for breast imaging.

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