$0 To $5 Million In One Year

Now that's success worth writing home about.

Coolerguys.com, an E-commerce site for performance addicted computer geeks, had grown rapidly since its founding in 1999. From that radical Internet based PC counterculture came the vision to bring those exotic performance upgrades and aesthetic enhancements to the mass retail market. pcToys was born with that goal in mind. 

Of course selling geekoid products to an addicted audience over the Internet is one thing. Bringing exotic, leading edge components and modifications to the highly competitive, dog-eat-dog mass market world of multi-million dollar marketing budgets is another. They needed help!

pcToys needed to make a big splash. First to the buyers of major retailers -- to help them understand the opportunity -- then to their customers to encourage them to buy. They needed a million dollar look, on a shoe string budget, under incredibly short time constraints.

In their search for a firm with broad experience in retail packaging, branding, advertising and promotion, CornelsonDesign was recommended by an advisor to the pcToys management team. That advisor was the founder of PlateSpinner, a CornelsonDesign client. Referrals are always the preferred way to earn business. At CornelsonDesign much of our new business is referred by our clients.

CornelsonDesign won the contract.

The project was daunting -- open a new market in traditional mass retail storefronts, develop a brand that would build customer loyalty quickly, and design a 'look' that would capture attention and instill a desire to buy. Additionally we had to produce art and packaging for more than 200 items, develop advertising that would bring consumers into the store, and on-premise promotions to insure they leave with pcToys in their bag.

"This is the kind of challenge we are perfectly suited for," says Don Cornelson, Creative Director for CornelsonDesign. "We have such a broad experience in design, marketing and production, and our size allows us to produce work comparable to huge agencies for a fraction of the cost. We can be more responsive to our clients needs and we can react faster to unforeseen challenges."

Developing an identity for pcToys that was fun and exciting was key. "We intended to develop a marketing and branding strategy that would provide the greatest opportunity for success," Don explains. The strategy worked, and is revealed in the success of pcToys. In just a few short months pcToys has become a recognizable market presence.

Throughout the entire process, from brand development to web site design, CornelsonDesign was instrumental in the dramatic success of pcToys. CornelsonDesign continues to lead pcToys in its marketing strategies. pcToys expects to reach more than $12 Million in sales in 2003.

pcToys is entering a new round of funding. CornelsonDesign has just completed an extensive 95 page business plan that reveals this exciting opportunity. If you would like to learn more, you may download the executive summary. [ 2.8 MB.pdf ]