When the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club wanted snow in Seattle…

Who did they Call? CornelsonDesign!

The Seattle Mariners Baseball Club has been the success story of Major League Baseball in recent years. With that success came the building of Safeco Field, the premier baseball facility on the planet.

The Mariners wanted to do something special to celebrate the opening of Safeco Field. An inaugural Holiday Card was a perfect opportunity to do just that.

There was only one problem – snow. There wasn’t any. Somehow a Holiday card without a snowy winter scene just didn’t fit. The solution – hire CornelsonDesign to use their digital mastery to create the scene.

A beautiful crystal clear night shot of Safeco Field was chosen as a starting point. But this created another challenge. One of the most important features of Safeco Field is the retractable roof. Unfortunately, the roof was invisible in the photo. Safeco Field without the retractable roof somehow just wasn’t Safeco Field.

Using complex digital techniques, CornelsonDesign not only revealed the roof, but created the beautiful winter scene you see, complete with falling snow, cloudy skies and, of course, holiday decorations.

Not only did the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club use the “Snowy Safeco” illustration for their inaugural holiday card but the following year Safeco used it for their’s.